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Kristi MacCready

Department of Plant Biology
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1312 USA

  (517) 355-4575 (Lab)
  (517) 353-1926 (Fax)

Getting to Know Kristi MacCready:

Received her Bachelor’s degree at Penn State Behrend. During her time there, she investigated the molecular evolution of armored scale insect bacterial endosymbionts. Generally, her scientific interests include plant pathology and microbial interactions. Specifically, she is interested in how fungi are able to be pathogenic, fungal secondary metabolites or mycotoxins, and environmental cues that are involved in pathogenicity. Kristi’s research project in the Trail Lab investigates how microbial communities on crop plants can be manipulated to help control head blight of wheat.

Plant Biology Department
College of Natural Science