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Malaika Ebert

Department of Plant Biology
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1312 USA

  (517) 355-4575 (Lab)
  (517) 353-1926 (Fax)

Getting to Know Malaika Ebert: 

To establish their ecological niche, fungal pathogens are known to secrete small molecules (so-called effector molecules) such as proteins, secondary metabolites, or small RNAs. These effectors can have various functions; while some may play a crucial role during host colonization, others may help the fungus to compete with other microbes, or secure nutrients.

My research interests lie in the identification and characterization of effectors that play a role in host colonization. I am fascinated by the underlying molecular mechanisms that take place during fungal-host interactions and I am especially interested in how fungal pathogens manipulate their environment to ensure successful infection.

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